The Advantages

Weight in Gold

We offer clients a privileged access for the purchase of physical gold.

Gold Certificates offer clients the opportunity to participate in an efficient and transparent manner in the performance of gold.


We created the AMP Gold Certificates Program to provide you with:

  • A cost efficient method to owning precious metals, tied to flexibly-sizedapproved bars and ingots. Each Gold Ownership Certificate – Convertible Warehouse Receipt backed with physical Gold  - with a fineness of at least 999.9/1000 and is Convertible to Physical gold (delivered / Collected), or to Cash at current market price.
  • An alternative, offering you the ability to buy or sell precious metals quickly and easily.
  • Competitive pricing through an extensive dealer network  - Premiums on buying and selling are minimal.
  • Flexible liquidity  - (1 gram, 10 grams, 100 grams single certificates)
  • In addition to a cash settlement, clients can also request physical delivery/ collection of gold.
  • Geographical footprint that extends beyond your country of residence. Worldwide Collection, Delivery and Redemption through our International Network of Custodian Dealers


The most versatile way to invest in physical gold

  • There are no Redemption Restrictions / Limitations. No Certificate Fees: No Gold Bullion Bars Fabrication Costs. No Storage & Insurance Costs.
  • Our certificates are audited internally on a monthly basis against the gold holdings backing them, and audited externally on an annual basis.
  • AMP records utilize serial numbering to ensure client confidentiality and security.
  • Minimum Participation: 1 Gold Gram 
  • Maximum Participation: Subject to Availability

See Certificate Product Specification


Place your first Purchase Order. Wire the funds. Your purchase will be confirmed upon execution with a Transaction Confirmation.

Congratulations! You are now the proud owner of an AMP Gold Certificate, whose gold backing it, is stored safely and privately.

AMP Network


Note: For operational reasons, upon certificate surrender, the gold backing the AMP certificates can be collected from our custodian dealer network. Collection can be effected upon presentation and surrender of the certificate at one of the designated offices of our Approved International Network of Precious Metals Dealers. Special armored  security arrangements may be made for high-value physical gold pick ups. Detailed information (terms & instructions) about the process is available on a separate section >> Customer Services

Currently we are not aware of any declaration requirements to apply in relation to this certificate. However clients are advised to consult their own tax professionals and authorities in regards to specific issues that may arise.

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