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AMP Gold Certificates

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The denominations of Gold Certificates

The 1 Gold Gram

The 10 Gold Grams

The 100 Gold Grams


Advanced security features

The series incorporates security features which offer high protection against counterfeiting.

Each one of our denominations has their own artwork, and combining numerous overt and covert security features.  

These range from the most obvious, (overt) like the background mesh, through features which need special equipment such as a UV lamp to authenticate them (covert), to the most discreet, known only to our International Distribution Network of Bullion Inventory / Conversion Merchants (forensic).


How AMP Gold Certificates Are Made

How AMP Gold Certificates Are Made

AMP Gold Certificates are printed using various printing plates, processes, machines and inks.

Different sized sheets are used for each denomination. The first printing process involves the background colours and patterns being printed.

Following the printing the major design elements such as the portrait frames and bold lettered items are printed using UV varnish printing machines, with ink being transferred to the substrate under great pressure.

Three separate print runs are required for each side of the sheet, and are given three coats of a protective overcoating ink. The resulting raised print is one of the important security features of AMP Gold Certificates. The overcoat also contributes to the extended durability of certificates.


Serial numbers are then added to the sheets using a letterpress printing process. The letterpress process is used to apply serial numbers as well as some signatures and dates.


Printed sheets are then guillotined into individual certificates and placed through computer-controlled machines for final counting, removal of imperfect certificates.


Serial Numbering

The serial numbering process employs the graduating-size alphanumeric mode. It has a prefix with two letters followed by a six-digit suffix; for example AR 099999. Each denomination has a different letter prefix. All certificates on a sheet have the same six-digit suffix, which decreases by one from one sheet to the next.

Serial Numbering

For numismatic purposes, the two letter prefix correspond to:

The 1 Gold Gram Denomination is "AR" for the Greek Philosopher Aristotle.

The 10 Gold Gram Denomination is "AL" for Alexander the Great, King of Macedonia.

The 100 Gold Gram Denomination is "CR" for King Croesus of Lydia (kingdom of western Asia Minor, renowned for his wealth.

Note: For numismatic purposes, the AMP Gold Certificates are numbered sequentially for each of the 3 denominations, so that can be acquired in similarly numbered sets.


Genuine v

Various security features have been incorporated into the AMP Gold Certificates.


Genuine v


FEEL the raised print – special printing processes give the certificates a distinctive feel, which is easily identifiable by touch and contributes to the overall aesthetics. The paper feels crisp and firm (not limp or waxy). Special silkscreen press printing makes the ink feel raised or thicker in the surrounding frame of main image, the lettering, denomination value and other elements and additional tactile marks. To feel the raised print, run your finger over it or scratch it gently with your fingernail.

Genuine Feel

Genuine v


LOOK and hold it against the light: the security thread and the see-through AMP logo printed with invisible ink on reverse of the glossy stripe will then be visible.

Security thread
Optically-variable devices (OVDs), such as hologram, are featuring on certificates as they are attractive and easy to recognise yet difficult to counterfeit. The security thread is embedded in the paper. Hold the certificate against the light - letters can be seen across the stripe.

Background Mesh

The background is produced by varying graduations of a Multi-Layer, Multi-Tonal Latent mesh. It appears when you hold the certificate against the UV light. Check with an ultraviolet lamp.

Under UV light the fibres embedded in the paper appear, coloured red, blue and green and glow.


The microprinting is embedded in the frame of main image. Hold the certificate against the light - tiny letters can be seen in on the stripe. You will need a magnifying glass to see it.


Genuine v

TILT the certificate: on the front, you can see the shifting image on the hologram.

It only takes a few seconds to check an AMP certificate.


Just feel it, look at it and tilt it.

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