Internationalize your Gold Holdings

Internationalize your Gold

Insurers perceive privately held gold as highly risky, so arranging insurance is both cumbersome and expensive. Even though home storage is free it is not usually the most wise geopolitical option.

Financial experts agree that your precious metals portfolio has to be reasonably diversified and adequately protected.

Former French president Charles DeGaulle had said of gold, it 'has no nationality and is eternally and universally accepted as the unalterable fiduciary value par excellence'.

We believe you must own a combination of gold, both in your physical possession and stored overseas. We vouch for holding gold overseas because history clearly shows that currency crises lead to the imposition of controls by governments in an attempt to retain gold and currency inside a country in crisis.

AMP Gold Ownership Certificates offers the added convenience and protection of diversified European storage -  (Brussels, Frankfurt, Zurich)

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