Exclusive Property Rights

Exclusive Property Rights

Clients who participate in the AMP Gold Certificate Program and store precious metals in AMP-approved warehouse are issued an AMP Gold Certificate against the value of the precious metal.

The holder of the certificate has legal title and exclusive property rights to gold purchased (Physical Customer Property), and is stored in approved vaults on AMP's behalf under All Risks Insurance.

The holder decides to temporarily defer the delivery of the gold purchased by opting to entrust AMP with the warehousing of the gold for later collection, as deemed appropriate without any restrictions or charges, anytime in the future (from date of issue onwards).

An AMP Gold Certificate is covered 100 percent by physical gold at all times. The physical gold is not loaned. The physical gold is insured by all risks insurance.

AMP gold certificates in small denominations (1 gram, 10 grams, 100 grams single certificates) offer clients a method of holding gold without taking physical delivery, or deferring delivery / collection for some time later – to be collected from a number of countries.

The client thus saves on storage and personal security issues. Clients also gain liquidity in terms of being able to sell portions of the holdings by simply surrendering one of the certificates.

The unique structure of the AMP Certificate Program means that its geographical footprint can extend beyond their country of residence.

AMP transactions are conducted in a way that ensures real-time efficiency and security, enabling clients to trade their holdings with increased confidence and utmost confidentiality via an international network of approved dealers.

Because of our extensive network of competing custodian dealers, you'll always receive a great price whether purchasing or surrendering your certificate.





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