Safe Storage

  • Segregated Safety
  • All Risks Insured at no cost
  • FREE of Charge storage for our clients
  • Hassle-free geographical diversification
  • Geographical Proximity
  • Ease of Access
  • You can choose an exact location for having your precious metals stored
  • Custody certificates
  • Account inventory
  • Detailed quarterly statements
  • Instant Liquidity
  • International Collection & Delivery Options
  • Undisclosed and Private Direct Ownership
  • Storage in non-bank regulated, secure storage facilities
  • No Value Added Taxes on gold bullion, held in storage




Segregated Safety

Segregated storage with a fully insured third-party custodian is regarded within the precious metals industry as the safest option for gold bullion storage.

Being segregated means that the gold you buy is physically separated (segregated), and never swapped or comingled with other accounts. Is the exact same gold bought, when the client collects or takes physical delivery.


Internationalize your Gold Holdings

It can be difficult to store your holdings in physically diverse locations.

Unless you take advantage of the AMP Storage Solution.

The Storage Solution is a service offered by AMP that allows you to purchase precious metals and have them stored on a segregated and allocated basis - where you have title to specific coins/bars. Storage account holders can purchase precious metals from us and have them stored on a segregated basis in secure storage facilities. You can add to add to your precious metal holdings, sell off all or part of the holding, or withdraw your holdings at any time.

While we strongly believe in having some physical silver and gold close at hand in case of a currency collapse or financial crisis, there are limits to how much bullion an investor may deem safe to store at home.

If investors choose to live in the same country as their investible assets, then in the event of a crisis it is very likely that their government may choose to deprive them of most of it. It has happened before.

The best way to store gold is to make use of a robust country outside your country of residence. Our clients are increasingly concerned in being able to take delivery of gold in the event of a systemic crisis. The larger an investment one makes in precious metals, the more important physical diversification of one's storage holdings becomes.


One of the principal benefits of the AMP  Storage Solution is geographical diversification — the placing of one's holdings in physically diverse locations.

Our strategic partnerships provide the ability to attain fully insured storage around the world.

Our accessible and secure storing options help clients to maintain easy physical and geopolitical diversification of their bullion holdings.

We offer fully insured and secure storage facilities in many international locations such as Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and Frankfurt.

You can choose an exact location for having your precious metals stored.

The Precious Metals Storage Solution is offered to clients FREE of CHARGE.

There are no Value Added Taxes on gold bullion, held in storage.

Our Storage Solution is convenient for physical gold investors who want the ability to hedge against geopolitical and economic risks, while maintaining the flexibility to instantly liquidate, collect or take delivery of their holdings at any time in the future.


Instant Liquidity

Upon written notification, AMP will ship all or some of client precious metals stored, to the designated address of client account. Client will be responsible for shipping charges. Alternatively clients may collect gold bullion from one of our designated international locations. Clients can pick-up part or all of the gold bullion held in storage from one of our International Network of Precious Metals Dealers, after the dealer receives a signed withdrawal form, or a Gold Ownership Certificate is surrendered for conversion.

Clients can sell part or all of the precious metals held in storage, to AMP. Based on the prevailing spot price of gold and any applicable premium, clients will be able to lock in the best price. Locking in a sellback price on vault storage holdings is a convenient, secure phone call away, making the sale of one's position both extremely secure and convenient. Clients can avoid the risk and inconvenience of moving gold. The process of receiving funds is quick and easy, as the transfer of metal's title ownership and vault location is effected instantly.

Cash proceeds may be held on account, or wired to a designated bank account - (a bankwire fee applies – approx 20 euro).


Physical Collection / Delivery

AMP is making it easy and efficient for clients to either collect or take physical delivery of their storage holdings from many locations.


Account inventory

Clients receive custody certificates documenting holdings and account inventory levels. Clients always have the future option to elect for secure international delivery of their holdings.


Undisclosed and private Direct Ownership

One of the main benefits is the ability to hold precious metals outside of the financial institutions. We offer customers the advantage of undisclosed, private and segregated storage.

There is no comparison in terms of risks, costs, and liquidity.

To take advantage of our Cost FREE Storage Solution, for either gold bullion purchased from AMP or gold bullion backing an AMP Gold Ownership Certificate, clients are required to open an account and accept our Storage Agreement.


All segregated storage options offered by AMP have third-party all risks insurance plans in place. Please see the respective storage facility's Proof of Insurance.


Open a Storage Account

To open a Storage Account, call us. We will guide you to download an application package that will include the Precious Metals Storage Agreement. Once all paperwork is complete and duly signed and you receive your account number, you can make your first purchase of precious metals for your Storage Account.

To set up a Storage account, you must buy from AMP, 1 kilo of gold (in bars or coins equivalent) and transfer into the account precious metals worth approximately 44,000 Euro.

Once your purchase has been effected the precious metals will be transferred to your Storage account, free of charge.


Certificate of Custody and Ownership

Customers receive a custody certificate of ownership which will provide details where applicable of the storage location and unique bar serial numbers.  This together with your invoice provides you with proof of ownership.


Precious Metals Withdrawal

Any transfer of precious metals out of your Storage account is considered to be a withdrawal. You can either pick up or take delivery of the precious metals, or release them to your designated courier service if you have opted to arrange for your own transportation and insurance.

Once we receive your Precious Metals Withdrawal Form, we will call you to confirm your withdrawal instructions. Precious metal products cannot be re-deposited into your Storage Account once you have withdrawn them.

For precious metals to be stored in your Storage Account, precious metals must be purchased from AMP directly before storage.

To sell any or all of the precious metals held in your Storage Account call us.


>>  AMP Precious Metals STORAGE AGREEMENT Download PDF

>>> Proof of Insurance


Alternative Storage (Indicative Charges – European Storage)

Direct Customer to Vault Agreement

Via Mat 

Account Value      Monthly Fee
$0 - $50,000                                       € 30
$50,001 - $100,000   € 45
$100,001 - $500,000 € 75
$500,001 - $1,000,000 € 185
Processing Service Fee
Account set up fee €50
Online Inventory Setup €100
Administrative charge per month €12
Additional Custody Certificates                       €20
Depository Collection Fee €30 (1/hr)
Door Collection/Delivery        €45 (+/hr)

VAT is applicable to the above storage fees

>>  VIA MAT Service AGREEMENT Download PDF


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