A Guide for Secure Gold Investment

Ways of safely storing your precious metals once you've decided to make a purchase


Gold, the most sought-after precious metal, has gained global acceptance as a safe haven through ages, and through good and bad times, as gold is a top-tier collateral and subject to instant liquidity.

A Guide To Secure Inv

In view of the present volatile economic climate, gold's attractiveness as a store of wealth, and its return on investment has reinforced investor confidence.

So, preserving the value of your wealth should be your main investment consideration.  How you will securely store your precious metals should be your next concern.  And for many the storage dilemma is a dissuading factor to be considered. Hence it is important to understand the different storage options available.

» One option is to take delivery of your bars or coins at your address ensuring that you have adequate facilities and insurance in place. Storing bars and coins at your home is the one option that gives you access to your metals. It is possible to purchase insurance against potential theft and fire risks but it can be expensive and difficult to obtain.

» Another option for storing your metals is a safety-deposit box in a bank vault. Access is subject to opening hours. Potential theft is a consideration and the level of compensation has to be taken into account. Moreover while it's highly unlikely, the government may try to seize financial instruments in the event of a national emergency.

» Another option for storing your metals is a depository or third-party storage firm. This is by far the most secure storage method, and if your holdings are significant, holding them overseas may offer you certain tax benefits. However while you can withdraw your metals any time you like, you will have to wait a few days before receiving them.


NOTE: If you choose to store your own gold, it's important how you handle it as not to damage your precious metals. The perfection of the gold bullion, is what safeguards its value. Scratches and marks of any kind, even touching can affect the value.

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