Selling to AMP - Buy Back

 If you wish to sell your gold bullion in the future, AMP encourages you to offer them to us first.  Should AMP make a bid on your bullion, that bid price is raised or lowered on a daily, even hourly basis, depending upon various market conditions.

AMP actively buys investment-grade precious metals. Coins and bars.

We are always prepared to buy any bars and coins at a fair price according to supply, demand and other market conditions. There are some coins which we can price over the telephone, but to be fair we need to see coins before we can price them. We do not, as a rule, travel to buy coins, although we do make exceptions for large international collections. We transact most of our business by phone or person, and it is quite safe to post coins, providing you package them with care.


Booking a Sale Transaction

A settlement price is locked in at the time a Transaction is booked.  Booking a Transaction results in a binding agreement between AMP and Customer relative to that transaction.  Customers who chose to send Metal to AMP along with a packing slip without booking the Transaction beforehand will be contacted by AMP once their package is received and tested in order to have their transaction completed.

For Transactions where the customer has chosen to lock-in a price for the transaction prior to sending their Metal, we guarantee the locked-in price only when the customer package is postmarked within 2 Business Days of the date the order is booked, and the customer has provided us with a tracking number for the package sent, within 2 Business Days of the date the order was booked, and then the package to have been received within 7 Business Days.  Should the amount, karat weight or purity of the Metal received differ from what was booked, the said deficit amount will be treated as a market loss and relative repayments and administrative fees will apply.

Upon verification of your goods, we will contact you to review the contents of your package and to ensure that your package is finalized according to your desired settlement option indicated on your packing slip.

Processing and payment settlement for Transactions may take approximately 2 Business Days from the date on which the Metal is received.

A Transaction is completed when we have received your Metal within the prescribed deadlines.

Legal ownership of customer's Metal will be considered transferred from the customer to us once the transaction is completed.

All Transactions are final.  Once a transaction is complete and ownership has been transferred to us.



The value of a product depends on its quality, its weight, and the price of gold at the time. In most cases, we provide you with a reference price based on 999.9 "good delivery" international bars or coins in good condition which are undamaged and in saleable condition. If the bars or coins do not meet these criteria, the prices will be adjusted accordingly. In order to be certain of the quality of the gold sold, our appreciation department will confirm its condition on delivery.  AMP may have to assay metals in cases where this appears necessary.

If you would like to send your jewelry to us, we will happily make you an offer. AMP offers a reliable service for your unwanted or broken jewelry, at the best possible prices.

Please note:

Stones and gems, if any, should be removed before the jewelry is sent to us. We do not pay for any stones or gems. If your jewelry is found to contain these, they will be discarded when being melted.

For gold watches, remove mechanism and face glass. Remove straps if they are not made of gold.

Dental fillings should be clean.  Impurities will be discarded when being melted, and weight loss will be encountered.

If we can verify your goods with a scratch test up to 18K, (stone and acid) there will be no processing fees. However, if we determine that a melt and/or assay are required, we will contact you before proceeding. Following your approval, we will melt and/ or sample your gold piece before forwarding a sample for analysis.


Material to be tested

Charges per melt

Charges per assay

Minimum lab time

Minimum sample size*

Gold 30 euro 30 euro 2  Business Days 1 gram

* Sample sizes may vary depending on the amount and type of material to be tested.


Please note that your goods will be damaged in the process of being tested/assayed. As a result, if you request your goods to be returned to you, certain items may not be returned in the same condition as received.

If you choose to have your goods returned after being tested, the following fees will apply: Return shipping fee (depending on weight and method of shipping)



Use reliable heavy-duty boxes with strong packing tape. Pack them so that items do not move around during shipping. Sending coins and jewelry by post is cost effective and reliable. It may be advisable to contact the Post Office to discuss the best way to post them. Try to wrap each piece of bullion separately, or to roll a quantity of coins in paper to form a cylinder. Tape them up tightly after wrapping so that the coins cannot move around and scratch each other. Surround the roll with bubble wrap. Tape it to cardboard so that it cannot move around inside the package. Try to use the smallest possible outer box or envelope to reduce the amount of slack inside.

Include a copy of your packing slip along with your shipment.

On the outside of your package, record the Transaction Number that was provided to you and appears on your packing slip.

Send your shipment (registered mail and insured) to the address indicated on your packing slip.

If you need to use more than one box, include a copy of the packing slip in each box. Number the outside of the boxes as follows: Transaction Number / 1 of 2, Transaction Number 2 of 2...

Please note that AMP is not responsible for the customs clearing, duties or transportation on any package. All costs relating to shipping remain your sole responsibility. If your package appears to have been tampered with, we will refuse to take delivery of it and have it returned to you at your own cost. Should the items not be approved we will returned them back to you at your own cost.

Post your items to us (Special Delivery Only). We recommend you buy insurance.


Shipping and Insurance Fees

Should the client choose to have AMP arrange for shipping and insurance of packages sent to AMP, or should the client request or AMP be required to return any metal sent to AMP back to the client, shipping and insurance fees will be applicable. These will be calculated on a case by case basis, based on the weight of the metal, the value of said goods, the shipping destination and the method of shipping.

All shipments prepared by client must be properly packaged and labeled in order to accelerate processing times and ensure the safe arrival of client packages. Failure to properly package and label shipments sent may result in the insurer rendering insurance coverage void.

Please call us for our current buy prices.

The day's market price will dictate our buy price.

  • In order to fix the price please call us during office hours to confirm the current price to you. We will supply you with the delivery address once the price has been fixed. Postage and insurance have to be covered by you.
  • Once the buy price is confirmed, and you choose to sell, you have entered into a contractual agreement for the sale of your bullion. You will be issued a confirmation transaction number. Please enclose a signed note stating the type of coins/bullion, the quantity and the agreed price, quoting the transaction number.
  • Once we have received the items we will confirm receipt and check them within 48 hours and then give you feedback.
  • After tests have been carried out, and upon approval of the items' quality we will arrange payment to you. Please enclose your account details in your signed note.


The agreed sum of money will be directly transferred to your bank, within 2 business days.


Payment Settlement

You can choose from a wide range of settlement options that include:

  • Bank wire
  • Fine gold grain (physical delivery)
  • Exchange for Precious metal products
  • A credit of funds on your account

Depending on which payment option you select, you may receive your payment within as little as 48 hours of the settlement of your package. You will be informed of the wire charge before the bank wire is sent.


Cancelled Transactions – Weight & Purity Deficits

You may cancel a booked order at any time. However it will be subject to cancellation fees.  For every cancelled transaction, an administrative redemption fee of 50 € will be charged. In addition, depending on how the market moves, you may or may not be required to reimburse us for any market loss on your cancelled transaction. If market prices have increased since the time of booking, we will calculate the difference in the locked-in price versus the current market price and multiply the amount by the number of pure ounces. This price, in addition to the 50 euro administrative fee, will be charged to your account. If we are unable to recuperate the cancellation fee, your file will be sent to a collection service for further action.


Market Loss Policy

Upon securing a purchase or sell price your order is deemed binding and cannot be canceled. However, should you fail to meet your obligation of the Agreement, AMP may redeem the precious metals at the current market price, and you will incur any extra charges arising as a result of the redemption in addition to the administrative redemption fee of 50€. Any market gains at the time of redemption shall remain the sole property of AMP. If your transaction is cancelled at your request, the market loss will be calculated using the relevant live spot price that prevails at the time when you submit your cancellation request.

If your transaction is cancelled by AMP due to non-payment, the market loss will be calculated using the last available price fixing quoted by the London Bullion Market Association (London Fix) on the day that the payment deadline expires.

We will send you an email to notify you of the charges.

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