Payment Remittance

An initial 10% deposit must be remitted before prices can be locked in.
During periods of high volatility, we may require that more funds be on deposit with AMP before prices can be locked in.

Within 2 business days, the rest of the balance must be remitted including any insured postage and shipping costs, which must be paid by the buyer.

When full payment is received, AMP mails a copy of the invoice and a confirmation of the scheduled day of shipment. When the order is shipped, AMP notifies the buyer by either phone or email.


Methods of Payment

Payment by bank wire transfer enables us to provide the best service. Before taking steps to place an order, find out from your bank its wire procedures. Most banks require the wire instructions documents to be signed in person. Nowadays, you can execute wire transfers online from computers.

Wire transfer instructions are provided when interest is expressed.

Confirm your effected wire transfer by phone or email.

We accept payment in EUROS.
We do not accept credit cards or debit cards.
We do not accept payment by cash.

We do not accept PayPal or Western Union..

We notify you by email when your money clears. Allow 48 hours for SWIFT, or 3-5 days for low-speed transfers.

We start the shipping process as soon as the wire is confirmed, which means that the order often is received by the buyer within a week of the order being placed, or even less.


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